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“Transforming your home into a masterpiece, with the skillful craftsmanship of a Lincoln wood artisan. Pro Handy Renovation: Your trusted handyman for all your everyday needs, from small repairs to complete renovations. Our services include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring installation, carpentry, and more. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our expert renovation services.”

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Your satisfaction is our guarantee; we’re committed to delivering exceptional results that leave you delighted.

Damage Repairs

Pro Handyman Renovation specializes in efficient and reliable damage repairs, offering comprehensive solutions to restore your property to its former glory. Our skilled team of professionals is well-equipped to handle a variety of repair needs, from minor fixes to major renovations. Whether it’s water damage, electrical issues, or general wear and tear, we deliver top-notch craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our commitment to quality ensures that your repairs not only meet but exceed industry standards. With Pro Handyman Renovation, you can trust that your property is in capable hands, and we’ll work diligently to transform any damage into a beautifully restored space.


Pro Handyman Renovation is your trusted partner in construction services, providing a comprehensive range of solutions for residential and commercial projects. From new builds to remodels, our skilled team brings expertise and precision to every construction endeavor. We prioritize quality materials, cutting-edge techniques, and efficient project management to ensure timely and successful completion. Whether it’s creating a dream home or enhancing your business space, we tailor our construction services to meet your unique needs. Pro Handyman Renovation stands as a reliable choice for top-notch construction, delivering durable and aesthetically pleasing results that exceed expectations.


Pro Handyman Renovation is your go-to partner for transformative renovations, breathing new life into your spaces. With a focus on quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, our skilled professionals are adept at enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your home or business. From kitchen remodels to bathroom upgrades, we handle every aspect of the renovation process. Pro Handyman Renovation combines creativity and technical expertise to bring your vision to reality, ensuring a seamless and satisfying renovation experience. Trust us to revitalize your space, creating a harmonious blend of style and functionality that exceeds your expectations. Your dream space awaits with Pro Handyman Renovation.


Elevate your space with Pro Handyman Renovation’s expert painting services. Our skilled team takes pride in transforming interiors and exteriors with precision and finesse. Whether you seek a refreshing color update, intricate detailing, or a complete overhaul, we deliver flawless paintwork that stands the test of time. Using premium paints and employing meticulous techniques, we ensure a smooth and durable finish. Pro Handyman Renovation’s painters are dedicated to enhancing your property’s aesthetic appeal while maintaining a clean and efficient work environment. Trust us for vibrant, long-lasting results that breathe new life into your home or business. Your vision, our brushstroke.


Pro Handyman Renovation takes the hassle out of electrical work with our expert services. Our skilled electricians are committed to delivering safe, efficient, and reliable solutions for your residential or commercial needs. From installations to repairs, we handle everything with precision and compliance. Whether it’s updating outdated wiring, installing fixtures, or troubleshooting electrical issues, our team ensures your property is up to code and functioning seamlessly. Pro Handyman Renovation prioritizes safety and quality, providing you with peace of mind and a well-powered environment. Choose us for top-notch electrical services that enhance the functionality and safety of your space.


Pro Handyman Renovation excels in carpentry, bringing skilled craftsmanship to elevate your space. From custom furniture to intricate woodwork, our experienced carpenters blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. Whether you desire bespoke cabinetry, stylish molding, or sturdy structural enhancements, we deliver precision and attention to detail. Pro Handyman Renovation’s carpentry services encompass a wide range, ensuring that your vision becomes a tangible reality. Our commitment to using quality materials and mastering traditional and modern techniques guarantees lasting, timeless results. Trust us to enhance your property with expert carpentry that reflects your unique style and enhances the overall aesthetics of your home or business.

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“Don’t let your dream project slip away – seize the opportunity now by completing our lead information form. The skilled craftsmen at Carpentry Creations are poised to breathe life into your vision, but we require your input to commence. By submitting the form below, you’re initiating the journey toward crafting a unique masterpiece that will hold meaning for years to come. Our team will thoroughly review your details and reach out to you to delve deeper into your project. Backed by our expertise and commitment to top-notch materials, we’re confident in our ability to craft a design that surpasses your expectations. So, don’t delay – fill out the form now and let’s embark on the realization of your dream project!”


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Carpentry is more than a craft; it’s the art of transforming wood into functional and beautiful creations. At Pro Handyman Renovations, we take pride in every cut, joint, and finish, delivering top-notch carpentry services to bring your visions to life.”

Painting Your House Exterior Safely Using Ladders - Dengarden

Painting, the Brushstroke of Transformation. At Pro Handyman Renovations, we’re your canvas to a brighter, more vibrant space. Let us elevate your home or business with our professional painting services. Your vision, our expertise, a masterpiece in every room.

How Much Does an Electrician Cost?

 At Pro Handyman Renovations, we understand that electrical work is the lifeline of any modern space. It’s the invisible force that powers our homes and businesses, keeping us connected, safe, and comfortable. With our unwavering commitment to quality and safety, we’re here to deliver unparalleled electrical services that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

 At Pro Handyman Renovations, we’re in the business of turning your vision into reality. Renovation is not just about changing the aesthetics of a space; it’s about enhancing functionality, comfort, and the overall quality of your environment.

Our Craftsmanship: Our team of skilled craftsmen takes pride in every project, whether it’s a small home improvement or a large-scale commercial renovation. We bring together creativity, expertise, and attention to detail to breathe new life into your spaces.


“Pro Handyman Renovation exceeded our expectations in every way. From the initial consultation to the final touches, their team demonstrated professionalism, craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence. Our home was transformed into a beautiful and functional space, thanks to their expertise. We highly recommend Pro Handyman Renovation for any home improvement project. They are the go-to team for quality and reliability.”



“Pro Handyman Renovation made our microwave installation a breeze. They were quick, and efficient, and left our kitchen looking pristine. We’re impressed with their attention to detail and would definitely call on them for future projects.”



I put in a Home Deport inquiry about a patio door screen replacement. Pro Handyman gave me a call within minutes, and we scheduled an appointment the very next morning. They were able to replace my screen without me being home, which was great. Service & Quality was great”


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